Sunday, December 6, 2015

It’s a Triple Match Part I :: LAPL Adult Literacy Services

It’s a Triple Match Part I - LAPL Adult Literacy Services
READ: Fall 2015
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Mel’s Story By tutor Mel Nowak

I’ll never forget the moment that Mee’s young son interrupted our learning session, “Mommy, read this to me!”  He nestled in her lap and shoved a comic book into her hands.  Mee apologized for stopping our session.  But I encouraged her, “Go ahead, read that to him!”  I sat back and waited, excited to witness this moment.  Her son flipped to a page and pointed to where he wanted her to begin.  And like magic, Mee was reading to her child, bonding in a moment of sharing words, reading aloud together.  We’ve come so far since the beginning when she was afraid to read out loud, or even afraid to speak at all because she lacked the ability to find words to communicate.  Now, we fly through the stories we read, we discuss what we read, and laugh together about what we thought was funny.  Oh, how we have shared wonderful laughter!  The power of literacy and all of Mee’s hard work and devotion to learning have revealed a brilliant and insightful woman who possesses a great sense of humor, a loving spirit, and a keen and vibrant intelligence.  She is forging new friendships, and developing and nurturing an education with her children, which is something she wasn’t able to do before, yet is probably the most important thing of all.

Mee Suk’s Story By learner Mee Suk Lee

It’s very stressful for me to have conversations with parents in meetings and to communicate socially. I started the Adult Literacy Program and it helps me a lot to improve my social communication and I feel less stressed when
speaking to others. The Literacy program helps me have a strong and confident life. I am able to read books to my children and help them with their homework. This helps me have a happy relationship with my kids.  READ MORE !

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