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LAPL Adult Literacy Services | Changing lives one chapter at a time :: It's A Match

Adult Literacy Services | Changing lives one chapter at a time:
It’s a Match Part I

Melinda’s Story
For 5 years I was working late hours and finding myself in the routine of work-eat-sleep, work-eat-sleep. For those 5 years I was serving only myself and not feeling very content. After making a career switch, I finally found myself with extra time and I wanted to spend that time doing something that would make a difference. I found the adult literacy program through an online volunteer website and applied immediately. I loved reading even before I mastered the alphabet (I was an ESL student when starting school). I have tutored before but never with adults, so I was nervous about my qualifications. The staff at Singleton Adult Literacy Center replied back right away and within a week, they had found an adult reader for me to tutor, Ms. Christine Davis.

My experience with the reading program has been very rewarding. Christine buses from 20 miles away to meet in the downtown Central Library for our reading sessions. She’s very appreciative of our time together and always has a positive anecdote to share. Christine’s reading comprehension has markedly improved since we started, but it’s a long road for her. Her goal is to be able to read in front of people with confidence and to be able to read and understand important documents on her own. We’ve been working together for over a year now and it is her determination and her commitment that keeps me focused on helping her succeed. The best part is I can tell when something makes sense to her, as if I can see it click in her mind. It’s this wonderful “a-ha” moment that we share and it feels great.

Christine’s Story By learner Christine Davis
I came by knowing the Adult Literacy program back in 1998. I saw two people sitting in a room working and I asked the librarian who explained about the literacy program. I signed up after that. I got a tutor in four months, but it did not work out due to timing. I came downtown back in March 28, 2013 to sign back up. It took almost a year to get a tutor. My goals is to do better in my reading to prepare for my high school diploma and feel comfortable reading in front of people.

I volunteer as inspector at the voting polls and I have to swear people in by reading a book. It is hard to pronounce some words and I feel embarrassed. I have been coming here a year and a half now, I feel good because I am no longer ashamed of reading in front of someone. Starting Challenger 1 was not easy, but now I am in Challenger 4 and working on the upgrade reading and math program. I did not care about math, but now I do. Thank God for having the door open for new things. The timing was good because I know that I have someone to help me and she cares. Her name is Ms. Melinda.  READ MORE @

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