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Southern California & Statewide Literacy & Library Events :: July 2016

Southern California & Statewide Literacy & Library Events
July 2016

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- Local, California and National –
Southern California Library Literacy Network
for more information
Southern California & California

Frank Lautenberg  Senator ( D-NJ )

1983-2000  2003-2013  

July        LaborFest, SF
July 02  National Literacy Day Proclamation 5507, 1986
July 09  Autism Sensory Friendly Film SECRET LIFE OF PETS 10
July 09  Authors Booth @ California State Fair -thru Jul 24
July 12  Autism Sensory Friendly Film THE BFG 7p
July 17+ Sierra Storytelling Festival, Nevada City
July 21+ Comic-Con International, San Diego
July 22+ Sierra Storytelling Festival, Nevada City CA
July 26   Autism Sensory Friendly Film GHOSTBUSTERS 7p
July 30+ 20/20 Vision San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco -thru Oct 16
July 31+ Pacific Coast Literacy Institute, Santa Rosa CA

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar :: July 2016

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar

For Local, California and National
Literacy or Library Conferences and Events
Southern California Library Literacy Network

July 02 Adult Literacy Tutor Training SB Co Library Chino Hills 9:30a
July 06 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation READ/OC Library 1p & 6p
July 06 Adult Literacy Learner Orientation READ/San Diego Library 6p
July 11 Adult Literacy Tutor Training Santa Barbara Library 1p
July 14 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Carlsbad Library 1p
July 16 Adult Literacy Tutor Training SB Co Library 9a
July 19 Adult Literacy Learner Orientation READ/San Diego Library 9:30a
July 19 Adult Literacy Learner Orientation Newport Beach Library 6p
July 21 Adult Literacy Tutor Training READ/San Diego Library 6p
July 23 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Diego Co Library 12N
July 26 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Corona Library 7p
July 26 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Newport Beach Library 6p
July 30 Adult Literacy Tutor Training Santa Barbara Library 1p

Beverly Hills Library Adult Literacy: last Friday month 10:30 - 12 N
LAPL Adult Literacy volunteers receive 7 hours of Online Instruction
Local Tutor Workshops :: Always Scrolling in the Right Frame

Monday, June 27, 2016

Story Shares :: Easy to Read – Hard to Put Down

Story Shares
Easy to Read – Hard to Put Down

devoted to inspiring reading practice and improving literacy skills.

new stories aimed at older students who read below grade level, specifically ensuring that the content is interesting at their age, and readable at their level.


Visit  for a chance to #win great bookish #prizes in this week's #contest! #Literacy

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Adult Summer Reading :: Reading Rules | Children's Lit | Audiobooks | Booklists

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Superlatives from SCLLN

The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow as Adult Readers

@pernilleripp 23 Jun 2016

What to do when an adult gets hooked on children's literature?

@InThisNook 19 Jun 2016

10 Children’s Books You Should Read As An Adult

TaraWTeach 13 Jun 2016

We have an adult summer reading program, too!

@bcls 15 Jun 2016

What will you be reading this summer?
100 Family Friendly Audiobooks
books that families can listen to together

@JCLibraryWA 24 Jun 2016

How to Rock Reading This Summer with Audiobooks | Hands On As We Grow

@earlychilded_rr 31 May 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Glendora Library :: Help Mary Pat Dodson Continue Her Fight

Help Mary Pat Dodson continue her fight
Glendora, CA

Mary Pat has been a Literacy Coordinator for the community for over 12 years. She is a single parent with a 17 year old daughter. This last year Mary Pat was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis (persistent liver inflammation). Mary Pat was soon after diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver, and is now in Liver Failure. She is currently on a waiting list for a liver transplant.

Mary Pat is physically unable to work the hours required for her job, and is currently on temporary un-paid leave, with no foreseeable income. Being that Mary Pat is a part-time employee she does not qualify for disability. Mary Pat is at the end of her financial rope right now and needs our help to get through the next 6 months. We are hosting this online fundraiser to try and raise $25,000.00 to help cover her living/medical expenses. Mary Pat has helped so many and given so much to our community we feel it's our privilege to help her in her time of need. Please take a moment and donate whatever you can, no amount is too small. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Newport Beach Library :: Learner's Corner

Learner’s Corner

Literally Speaking: May/June 2016

If I were a writer, I would probably be writing such books as The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Or for example, Sounder William H. Armstrong. I learned about these books at the lessons Writing workshop from my teacher Sylvia. These two books have a common idea to show the strength of the human spirit. And just about how people survive in difficult conditions for them.

Sounder is American novel by H. William Armstrong. This book about young AfricanAmerican boy and his family, who lived on plantation in the South during the 19th century. His dog Sounder helped him and his poor family survive during hard time life. This novel show the courage, love and faith that bind an African-American family together despite the racism inhumanity they face.

Another book called The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. This simple
The Old Man
and the Sea
story, dramatic and suspenseful about old deep-sea fisherman who named Santiago and who lived off the fishing villages along the Cuban coast. After 84 days without a fish the old man caught on the hook for a huge Marlin. The old man was left alone in a fight with a huge fish, the ocean and a bunch of sharks. He was able to survive and return to the beach with a huge fish skeleton.

On our lesson, we read the synopsis of the book, got acquainted with the biography of the author. And then Sylvia brought a book and we read some chapters of the text. Together we discussed the main idea of the book and shared their impressions. It was all very interesting and informative.

I am very grateful to Sylvia for these interesting lessons, where I met with outstanding American writers Ernest Hemingway and William H. Armstrong and their books. I’d want to read them whole and tell about them to my friends. Sviatlana Kandybovich

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

San Diego Co Library :: VC Man Celebrates Becoming a US Citizen

VC man celebrates becoming a US citizen
Valley Roadrunner: 5.19.2016 by David Ross

It was an all-American celebration, complete with small American flags, a big cake, congratulations and lots of smiles. And a few tears.

In a few days, on May 25 Leonardo Zuniga will join hundreds of men and women in San Diego’s Golden Hall in repeating this oath

Zuniga, who recently changed his last name from Zuñiga in order to make it easier to pronounce— following a grand tradition established by countless millions who landed at Ellis Island in New York City over many decades— celebrated his pending U.S. citizenship Tuesday night at a reception hosted for him by the Valley Center Library.

The event celebrated his graduation from the San Diego County Library (SDCL) Citizenship Program, passing his United States Citizenship Interview, and being scheduled to take the oath on May 25.

With tears in his eyes Zuniga accepted the praise of his teacher, Citizenship Instructor, Graciela Schneider, a native of Argentina, who has lived in the United States for many years, and who teaches the weekly Citizenship classes every Tuesday night.

“He finished the program in six months, not knowing a word of English when he started,” she said. Zuniga was the first student to complete the program at VC Library.

She noted that during her classes she doesn’t let the student speak at all in Spanish, and with a twinkle in her eyes added, “If I slipped into Spanish Leonardo would say, ‘Say in English!’ ”

Mrs. Schneider was also recognized for her dedication to the program by VC branch manager Laura Zuckerman and Susan Moore, San Diego County Library Deputy Director, who was once a literacy tutor, and currently directs the library system’s “Learn program.”   READ MORE @

Library To Host Citizenship Workshops

San Diego County Library (SDCL) will present a free Citizenship Workshop every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. through 2016 at the Imperial Library Branch, 847 Encina Avenue. Participants will learn about the eligibility requirements for becoming United States citizens, and receive legal assistance with the citizenship application process. All are welcome to attend, but a limited number of seats are available; call the Imperial Beach Library at 619-424-6981 to check for availability.

The workshop will supplement an ongoing series of weekly citizenship classes held at the El Cajon Library. Coordinated by SDCL’s L.E.A.R.N. adult literacy program, these classes help immigrants prepare for their naturalization exams by providing assistance with the 100 civics questions and English language skills.

Kevin Vigil, L.E.A.R.N. coordinator, says, “The purpose of the San Diego County Library’s Citizenship Class Program is to help prepare immigrants to pass their naturalization exam. L.E.A.R.N. completes our program and allows us to offer free legal assistance for the naturalization application process.”

The San Diego County Library is dedicating to serve all members of our community, and to ensuring that San Diego is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. It is our goal to provide information to those in need so that they can be certain that they are well-informed about topics relevant to them.

For more information about the workshop or citizenship classes at the Imperial Beach Library, please call (619) 424-6981. For information about San Diego County Library, visit

Monday, June 13, 2016

Newport Beach Library :: Helene Chaban: Spirit of Volunteerism Awards 2016

Helene Chaban:
Spirit of Volunteerism Awards 2016
Newport/Mesa Proliteracy
OneOC: 3.08.2016

Helene joined our program just two years ago as a volunteer tutor. In this time, she has taken on more and more responsibility. Helen began in the program by tutoring one adult learner. Soon, she took on another and another; teaching them not only literacy skills but changing their lives with her life skills lessons and friendship. In 2015, Helene stepped up to chair our annual fundraising event, The Gift of Literacy Luncheon. Her calm leadership and innate style inspired the committee and the community to support Newport/Mesa 
ProLiteracy, making the 2015 luncheon one of our most successful. Helene has not stopped here… always looking for the next mountain, she has now started to volunteer at the Friends of the Library bookstore where she will make a huge impact. Helene has been a terrific asset to our program in so many ways. Her leadership, enthusiasm, and calm under pressure is a lesson to all of us to be the best we can in whatever we do.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Reading :: Lunch @ the Library | Summer Meals | Los Angeles | San Diego | Ventura | Glendora | Upland

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Read for the win!
Our summer reading programs—for kids, teens & adults—start 6/13.

@LAPublicLibrary  3 Jun 2016

The Summer Reading Challenge starts tomorrow!
PREVIEW of the SRC prizes

@sdcountylibrary 31 May 2016

Spread the word
CA Public Libraries are serving free lunches to kids this summer.

@CAStateLibrary  7 Jun 2016

Summer Reading has begun.
This years theme is Read for the Win
 Sign up today and Stop Summer Slide!

@vencolibrary 1 Jun 2016

Summer Reading is upon us!
This year registration will be taking place online
with our brand new Summer Reading...

@UplandLibrary 3 Jun 2106

We're Starting Summer Early...
Who's Ready to Join Us?
The 2016 Summer Reading Challenge

@CityofGlendora 25 May 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

San Diego Public Library :: READ/San Diego :: Reading Turns Woman’s Life Around

Reading turns woman’s life around
San Diego Union Tribune: 5.22.2016 by  John Wilkens

With its nationally ranked universities and thriving science and engineering hubs, San Diego County is increasingly known as a place for smart people. More than 60 percent of those who move here now have college degrees, according to one recent study.

It’s also home to almost a half-million adults who are illiterate. They can’t help their kids with homework, can’t fill out job applications, can’t read this story.

Amelia Sandoval used to be one of them.

Born in San Diego, she grew up in a household with a mother who was there in theory and a father who wasn’t there at all, she said. She was left alone sometimes with a TV and a cat as companions.

“School,” she said, “wasn’t really enforced.”

She stopped going in the fifth grade. Authorities put her in foster care, but she kept running away to hang out downtown. “I sold drugs, stole stuff and did whatever I wanted to do,” she said. “I had my own little crew.”

Stints in Juvenile Hall and child-protection receiving homes didn’t steer Sandoval from the course she was on. Being unable to read didn’t bother her much, either. “You don’t need to know how to read to pop open a car,” she said.

A letter she couldn’t read

When people hear Sandoval’s story, they sometimes ask whether her parents had books in the home when she was growing up.

“Books?” she replies. “We were lucky if we had furniture.”

That’s not unusual among adults who are illiterate, said Valerie Hardie, administrator for READ/San Diego, the city library’s adult literacy program, which is where Sandoval went for help. “They grew up in homes where the parents didn’t read well, there were no books in the home, and they couldn’t model a life of learning,” she said.

Others had health issues as children that took them out of school, or had learning disabilities that went undiagnosed or were poorly understood.  READ MORE @