Saturday, July 2, 2016

Poverty & Literacy: Books | Children | Women

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Superlatives from SCLLN

#PovertyChat at 8 for a guided discussion about #AdultLiteracy

@ahaprocess 28 Jun 2016

Owning books creates brighter futures

@RIFWEB  27 Jun 2016

43% of adults with low literacy live in poverty.
Take the pledge to improve lives through #literacy!

@ProLitWorld  22 Jun 2016

Are #literacy levels tied to low #income?
How to we improve our society by just improving our #English literacy.

@thelittutor 4 Jun 2016

Literacy matters!
There's a strong co-relation between #literacy and #poverty:

@Love4Literacy 18 Apr 2016

#Literacy is one of the keys
to unlocking the solution to poverty.

@engagethechurch 17 Mar 2016

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