Tuesday, September 27, 2016

READ OC :: Honors San Clemente & Heritage Park Libraries

OC READ Honors San Clemente & Heritage Park Libraries
READ WRITES: Summer 2016

OC READ has been grateful to receive the consistent support of all the branches and staff within the OC Public Libraries system, and each year honors a branch that has gone above and beyond in their support of literacy.  When the San Clemente Branch planned its major renovations and reopened last summer, Branch Manager Karen Wahl made sure to set aside space for a comfortable, private literacy center where tutors and learners could work together without worrying about the distractions and awkwardness of meeting in the public eye. Now the space is stocked with literacy materials and available for any tutor and learner who need it.

This year, OC READ also presented our first ever Outstanding Literacy Collection award to Heritage Park Library.  Branch Manager Cheryl Nakaji, Librarian Nadya Mircheva, Office Manager Catherine Clark and the entire branch team are strong supporters of literacy and the growing multicultural community that they serve.  The Irvine Heritage Park team seamlessly fields questions, patiently helps learners access the resources they need, and helps tutoring pairs find more quiet places to work at the busiest branch in the system. Last summer, former IHP librarians Jennifer Johnson and Julia Butler recognized a need to set aside space for a literacy and ESL collection that would be accessible to READ participants and the public.  They contacted READ about what materials would best support adult learners’ goals and lobbied their Friends for the funds to purchase these materials. In January, the nearly 100 book collection became a reality and is now housed in the section of the library that overlooks the charming Heritage Park pond. Many thanks to the entire Heritage Park team for making a refuge for literacy.  READ MORE @

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