Friday, November 4, 2016

Redlands Adult Literacy Program at Smiley Public Library Shares Success Stories

Redlands Adult Literacy Program at Smiley Public Library shares success stories
Redlands Daily Facts: 10.29.2016 by Diane Shimota, Adult Literacy Coordinator -A.K. Smiley Library

In 2015, the A.K. Smiley Public Library was awarded a grant from California Library Literacy Services, which supports many adult literacy programs in the state of California.

The state supports literacy because of the tangible benefits realized at the local level when people improve their reading and writing. In Redlands, this translates to higher employment rates, better income levels, increased awareness of local issues, better health literacy and more support for education in the home.

The Redlands Adult Literacy Program is pleased to share the following fiscal year 2015-16 achievements that were recently reported to California Library Literacy Services.

Adult learners completed 3,640 hours of instruction with their tutors. Learners expressed that working with their tutors improved their reading and writing skills and gave them an increased level of confidence.

Seventy-six percent of the learners in the Redlands Adult Literacy program have achieved reading a book, writing a letter, learning to use a computer, searching the internet and/or helping children with schoolwork. Several learners found new or better employment and others spoke in public forums about the importance of adult literacy.

The personal impact that tutoring has brought to each learner is evident as they met their goals and their confidence soared.

The following stories highlight the importance of the adult literacy program to adult learners.  READ MORE @

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