Monday, December 19, 2016

Azusa Library :: Love toRead? :: Pass it on by Becoming a Tutor

Love to read? Pass it on by becoming a tutor
SGV Tribune: 12.17.2016 by Anissa Rivera

I am a big believer in small joys. My oldest son was always an enthusiastic reader, devouring books on dinosaurs and later, Thomas the Tank Engine and anything by Eric Carle.

I thought my little offspring was growing up so erudite. Yeah, right.

When he was 6, he read the word “butler,” and promptly fell into paroxysms of glee.

“But-ler! Alfred is Batman’s BUT-LER!” he hollered. He couldn’t believe he had discovered a word that contained the forbidden term “butt” (his proper mama always told him to say “bottom” instead).

The memory delights us to this day, even though his literary tastes now run less along DC Comics and more into Gabriel Garcia Marquez. (Thanks to Mr. Erb’s English class.)

We are people of the book, as journalist and science fiction writer Cory Doctorow once said. And it’s hard for us to imagine life without them.

Cathay Reta is working hard to make our tribe of readers increase. Reta, adult literacy coordinator at Azusa City Library, hopes to train more tutors for its literacy programs. She works with the Foothill Learning Alliance, a new nonprofit formed to advocate, increase community awareness and raise funds for The Literacy Programs at the Azusa City Library.

Reta is connected to other libraries that offer basic literacy programs such as those in Glendora, Covina, Monrovia, Altadena and Monterey Park.  READ MORE @

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