Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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Comprehension Strategies
Think-Aloud Strategy by Dr. Pat Campbell
Learning Connection: Nov/Dec 2016

The think-aloud strategy is intended to help readers examine and develop reading behaviors and strategies.  Studies have shown that poor readers are weak in five areas related to comprehension: making predictions, visualizing, linking with prior knowledge, monitoring, and self-correction.  Good readers do these strategies automatically.  New readers need to be taught how to do them.

The following are “active reading” skills you can teach your learner to help them improve their comprehension.  Model these skills by thinking aloud as you read, then have the learner try it.

What do active readers do when they read?
 Monitor their comprehension: Ask yourself questions as you read.
 Relate information to prior knowledge: Make connections with what you already know.
 Make inferences: Figure things out based on experiences.
 Made Predictions: Ask yourself what do you think will happen next?
 Visualize: Picture the story in your mind.
 Identify main ideas and highlights: Ask yourself what is the story about?
 Note important details: Write down meaningful items from the story.
 Skim and scan: Look through the text to find important information.

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