Monday, February 13, 2017

Orange Public Library :: Volunteer Literacy Tutors Needed

Volunteer Literacy Tutors Needed
City of Orange: 2.07.2017

Did you know the library has a new adult literacy program? We are recruiting volunteers to be tutors, and if you are reading this, you just might be one of them.

Last year, library literacy programs in Southern California helped thousands of adults improve reading and writing skills. 

In 2016, we received funds from the California State Library, North Orange Rotary Club, City of Orange Public Library Foundation, Friends of the Orange Public Library, and the Community Foundation of Orange, to establish an adult literacy program in the City of Orange.

Our program is available to English-speaking adults.  Those who cannot speak and understand English are referred to local programs to learn conversation first, then they may enroll in our reading and writing program.

A person seeking help with reading is given an assessment and then matched with a volunteer tutor.  Materials are provided for each tutor-student pair.

Additional books, worksheets, and computer-aided instruction are provided through the Literacy Office.

Tutor Training Class
March 28: 1pm – 4pm
Also: Mar 30; Apr 4, 6
714 – 288 -2467

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