Monday, March 13, 2017

Carlsbad Library :: How to Use the Library's Tablets

Happy New Year :: Carlsbad Library Literacy

As the new year begins we would like to give you more information about the tablets in the tutoring rooms.

There are instructions in the room: “How to Use the Library’s Samsung Tablets.”  These go through how to use the tablets step-by-step, from turning them on to the different apps available.

There are three apps we would like to highlight for you.  The first is the “US Citizenship” app.  It uses flashcards and practice tests to help improve skills for the citizenship test.

The second app is “Sight Words Wiz.”  This app has different levels of sight words that are read out loud to the learner who then chooses the correct word from a list.

The last app is “The Oxford English Dictionary” which is a great tool for looking up definitions.  No matter what apps you use, the tablets are a great resource to try.  If you need any help, or have suggestions on apps to add, please let a staff member know.  READ MORE @

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