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Downey Library :: Laptops Anytime Installed

Laptops Anytime Installed in Downey Library
Downey Beat: 5.29.2017 by Tammye McDuff

Laptop Anytime is an innovative special dispensing checkout kiosk for laptop and tablets which was officially opened at the Downey Library in May.

The Company was co-founded by Matthew Buscher and Jonathan Ruttenberg with the vision of giving back to the community via convenient on-demand access to full-function laptop computers.

Working with a local broadband company, the kiosk can dispense devices per ATM-style technology, in this case if a Downey Library card. With the addition of the new 18 laptops, the Library now offers up to 36 computers for public use.

According to Claudia Dailey, Literacy Coordinator,”we needed to have more computer access, so we applied for an LSTA Grant through the Pitch an Idea Program.”  READ MORE @

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Riverside County Library :: Coachella Literacy Push a Boon for City's Residents, Society

Coachella literacy push a boon for city's residents, society
Desert Sun: 2.11.2017 by Editorial Board

City and education officials are working together to help raise literacy and English language communication skills for residents who lean heavily on their more native Spanish. To those officials, we offer a hearty thank you and gracias.

Statistics show this is a major need in the eastern Coachella Valley.

As The Desert Sun’s Anna Rumer reported last week, 9 in 10 Coachella residents don’t speak English at home and nearly half don’t speak any English. This compares to about 1 in 5 in the overall U.S. population who don’t use English at all.

The lack of English skills leaves people at a clear disadvantage and other statistics bear that out. Illiteracy and poverty go hand in hand and, according to the Literacy Project Foundation, somewhere around half of adults – the majority of whom are people of color – have an income below the poverty level at least in part because of their inability to read, including three out of four welfare recipients.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar :: June 2017

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar
June 2017

For Local, California and National
Literacy or Library Conferences and Events
Southern California Library Literacy Network

Jun 01 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation South Bay Literacy Torrance Library 7p
Jun 03 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Luis Obispo Library 10a
Jun 06 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Carlsbad Library 12N
Jun 07 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library Fontana 5p
Jun 07 CLEO-Confessions of an Illiterate Adult & John Zickefoose Corona Library 7p
Jun 08 Adult Literacy Tutor Training Burbank Library 6p
Jun 10 Conference READ/San Diego USD
Jun 10 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library Rialto 10a
Jun 10 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library Adelanto 12N
Jun 12 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Ventura County Library 5p
Jun 13 Literacy Awards & Meeting Huntington Beach Library 6:30p
Jun 15 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Carlsbad Library 6p
Jun 15 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library Big Bear 4p
Jun 17 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Diego Co Library El Cajon 10a
Jun 17 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library 29 Palms 9a
Jun 19 Adult Literacy Volunteer Orientation Corona Library 7p
Jun 20 Adult Literacy Tutor Training READ/San Diego Library 9a

Beverly Hills Library Adult Literacy: last Friday month 10:30 - 12 N
LAPL Adult Literacy volunteers receive 7 hours of Online Instruction
Local Tutor Workshops :: Always Scrolling in the Right Frame

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Literacy Library Jobs :: California :: Camarillo :: Monterey Park

Literacy Library Jobs – California

responsible for supervising the Adult Literacy Center, as well as maintaining a safe, well-organized environment conducive to learning 

oversees and administers the Library volunteer program, including recruiting, training, scheduling, and recognizing/rewarding volunteers

plan, organize, administer and assist in developing a large, comprehensive Literacy Program for the City

Sunday, May 21, 2017

San Diego Public Library :: READ/San Diego :: Tutor Conference :: June 10

READ/San Diego’s 27th Annual
Tutor Conference
Saturday, June 10, 2017
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice
University of San Diego

Join READ/San Diego, literacy tutors, teachers, and literacy professionals from across California for a day of informative and enjoyable hands-on workshops. Twenty-four workshops are scheduled in four strands, with a catered luncheon served between the strands featuring keynote speaker Dr. Stephen Krashen.

Dr. Stephen Krashen
Literacy Development: The Easy Way is the Only Way

Dr. Stephen D. Krashen, professor emeritus at the University of Southern California, is a linguistics expert specializing in the theories of language acquisition and development, a field in which he has authored nearly 500 publications.

Smartphones Meet Literacy: Engage your Learners with an App
Strategies for Success: Supporting our English Learners’ 21st Century Readiness
Comparative Approaches to Teaching Phonics
Test-taking Tips: Top Ten Strategies for Student Success GED
The Refugee Experience and Vocational ESL
Poetry of Tupac Shakur as a Bridge to College Level English Composition
Building Fundamentals in Mathematical Reasoning
Picture Books Aren’t Just for Children
Knowing a Word v. Owning a Word: Best Practices for Deeper Vocabulary
Using Qualitative Data Collection Methods as a Means to Capture Tutor-Learner Progress

Register online: Friends of READ/San Diego
or fax form to (619) 533-3217
June 5 Early Registration: $35
After June 5, the registration fee is $45
Please make your personal check or money order payable to:
Friends of the READ/San Diego Literacy

READ/San Diego is a free literacy instruction service for adults 18 years and older. This award winning program has become a model for the country. It is staffed with literacy professionals, who work with community organizations and coordinate the efforts of volunteer reading tutors to teach adults to read and write, and improve literacy in San Diego.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Azusa Library :: Foothill Learning Alliance Brings Together Tutors, English Learners

Foothill Learning Alliance brings together tutors, English learners at Azusa library
Pasadena Star News: 5.13.2017 by Anissa Rivera

Hope is a word that would earn you nine points in Scrabble.

It’s also what Eugenia Arias had in spades when she came to the United States in 1988. She was 20 years old and eager to work.

“I started working as a babysitter with a very special family,” said Arias, now 47 and an Azusa resident. “I took care of a baby girl who was 5-months-old. I stopped taking care of her when she was 11.”

Arias’ charge is now 27-years-old and still in touch with her former babysitter.

It was that family who encouraged her to learn English, even though she resisted.

“I thought English wasn’t that important to me,” Arias said. “When I moved to Azusa about six years ago, my son started to go to school. He needed help with his homework, so we got a tutor for him at the library. That was how I started to learn English. It took me two years to learn English.”

Today, Arias tutors English learners three times a week at the Azusa City Library. She is one of about 40 volunteers who donate almost 2,000 hours a year helping others.

“I admire the group because they rise up to the task and they are motivated to learn English,” she said. “And I’ve made a lot of friends by speaking English. Even if we were bilingual, we would speak in English to help each other grow.”  READ MORE @

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

NCFL Seeks Adult Learners to Speak at the Families Learning Conference :: Deadline June 1

NCFL seeks adult learners to speak at the Families Learning Conference

National Center for Families: 5.11.2017

The National Center for Families Learning is seeking student speakers for the Families Learning Conference to be held in Tucson, Arizona, October 9 – 11, 2017.

Eligible speakers are fluent in English and must have

> attended a family literacy or family learning program that has a 2-generational learning component and completed at least one or two years in the program and

> completed a minimum of 3 speaking engagements in their class/school, in front of local groups and/or local or state conferences with at least one of these groups having 50 – 100 attendees.

We are particularly interested in students who have a story to tell about how attending a family literacy/family learning program has changed their lives, who developed strategies for supporting their children’s academic development, have begun to accomplish some of their employment or vocational goals, and/or have developed supportive strategies to include their extended family.  We would love to hear how through family literacy/family learning services, adult learners have found their way to economic and family success.

The deadline to submit is Thursday, June 1, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Covina Library :: Wine Walk for Literacy :: May 20

Wine Walk for Literacy
Covina Library
May 20: 5 pm – 8pm

The program serves native English speakers as well as students coming out of the ESL program who need to improve their skills before they move on to higher learning. The program is designed to help adults obtain the skills they need to reach their goals and is based on an Individual Learning Plan. The plan is developed by the adult and the Literacy Coordinator together. Adults are carefully matched with professionally trained volunteer tutors and receive instruction twice per week.

The adult ESL program offers those with limited English proficiency an opportunity to acquire and learn the English language communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a competency-based format.

Purchase your tickets at the Covina Public Library for a chance to win a win basket!   (626) 384-5280

Enjoy twelve (12) tastings of wine for a $20 donation!
All proceeds will benefit the Literacy Program.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Huntington Beach Library :: "Writer to Writer" Awards Brunch

"Writer to Writer" Awards Brunch 

The 17th annual "Writer to Writer Challenge" Awards event took place on February 25, 2017, at the beautiful Radisson Hotel in Newport Beach. Learners from 16 southern California library literacy programs submitted letters they had written to the author of a book they'd read. Of those 85 entries, winners were chosen by peer-judges and the top 4 were invited to read their stories to the audience, who hung on every word. Their courage and sincerity won everybody over and not many dry eyes were left. "This 'competition' is a full-on-tutoring bonanza," stated SCLLN Treasurer and Committee Lead Carrie Scott. She pointed out the often year-long preparation can include reading, writing and-the mother of all challenges-speaking in front of a large crowd.

The inspirational and enthusiastic California State Librarian, Greg Lucas, spoke of his passion and dedication to libraries and literacy programs. SCLLN president Diane Moseley commented that the organization was thrilled he attended, proving the event worthy of statewide recognition. We all agreed that the spectacular brunch served included everything from the best breakfast fare to a heavenly lunch.

Entrees from Huntington Beach included:
Central: Chan Park, Patricia Zapata, Frieda Huang, Jenna Moon and Loretta Bui.
Oak View: Elizabeth Perez

A booklet containing the winning letters was given to the attendees, and can be found in the Literacy Office. Stop by to read and experience these open and sincere letters, which will melt your heart and give you a reason to believe there's hope for the world.  READ MORE @

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Redlands Library :: Literacy Program Helps Persistent Learner Achieve Success

Redlands literacy program helps persistent learner achieve success
Redlands Daily Facts: 5.06.2017 by Diane Shimota, Adult Literacy Coordinator, AK Smiley Public Library

The inability to read and write stops many people from achieving their dreams, whether those dreams are getting an education, acquiring a job, communicating with others or even finding a partner on a dating website.

Did you know that some people refuse to date a person who cannot write a proper sentence, or that a basic level of literacy is necessary to send text messages? Cryptic as they often are, these little bits of language still need to be understandable.

The mission of the Redlands Adult Literacy Program is to provide professional and confidential tutoring in reading and writing to help people in the Redlands community reach their literacy goals. More than 100 learners have participated in the literacy program this year, each working hard with a tutor to achieve a unique set of goals.

Let me introduce you to one of our hardworking learners.

Desmond Davis is a creative person who is skilled at building things. Recently, he designed and built his own Snookball table, a giant pool table that sits on the ground.  READ MORE @

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Santa Monica Library :: Establishes Adult Literacy Program

Santa Monica Public Library Establishes Adult Literacy Program

Santa Monica Public Library is now offering adult literacy services to the Santa Monica community.  Part of the Library’s LEAF (Literacy Education for Adults & Families) initiative, the program offers free one-on-one tutoring for adult learners.  Volunteer literacy coaches are matched with adult learners for personalized tutoring sessions at Santa Monica Public Library locations.  Additionally, the Library will offer open lab sessions for adult learners wanting help with reading, writing, and using a computer.

The Library’s adult literacy program focuses on adult learners meeting their personal reading and writing goals, such as completing a job application, reading to their children or grandchildren, learning to use email, writing checks and paying bills, or obtaining a driver’s license.  Volunteer literacy coach and adult learner pairs meet regularly at Santa Monica Public Library locations, which provide spaces conducive to learning, as well as computers and literacy materials.  Adult literacy coaches must be 18 years of age or older, have an interest in building a learning relationship with another adult, be able to meet once or twice per week for one- to two-hour tutoring sessions, and be willing to make a six-month commitment to the program.  Adult learners receive free and confidential assistance with learning at their own pace.  They set personal reading and writing goals and receive one-on-one support from a literacy coach, at least once per week, at their convenience.

In 2016, Santa Monica Public Library was awarded a California Library Services grant from the California State Library in order to establish an adult literacy program.  READ MORE @

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Riverside County Library :: 1 in 5 Riverside County residents can't read in English. Here's what the valley is doing to help

1 in 5 Riverside County residents can't read in English. Here's what the valley is doing to help
Desert Sun: 5.03.2017 by Anna Rumer

Inside Coachella's Cardenas Market, picking up groceries is English-optional.

One hot spring afternoon, as Latin music played through the supermarket speakers, a woman picked up a mango under a sign reading "frutas," bringing it to her nose to search for the scent indicating the fruit is at the perfect ripeness.

Nearby, shoppers were lured to PanaderĂ­a Cardenas by fresh conchas and other kinds of pan dulce, or sweet breads, showcased in the clear display cases by the entrance.

Those standing in line to order fresh chilaquiles, a fried tortilla-based dish, and tacos de tripitas, or seasoned small intestine, from Cocina Cardenas, can be heard speaking in Spanish to one another, peppering their conversation with perhaps a word or two in English before returning to the language with which they are more comfortable.

In many parts of the majority-Latino east valley, you can easily go without needing to speak or read English. Many don’t. About 90 percent of Coachella residents don’t speak English at home, according to the U.S. Census, and 45 percent don’t speak English at all. About 20 percent of the U.S. population is estimated to be going through life not speaking any English, a designation that's fine with some of the people to which it applies, but others find that without a functional knowledge of English they have a hard time finding a well-paying job, navigating governmental bureaucracies and keeping up with the next generation.

As a whole, Riverside County is the 16th least English literate county in California, according to a 2003 estimate done by the National Center for Educational Statistics, with one fifth of its population lacking basic English prose literacy skills.