Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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It’s a Match
READ-A Newsletter written by students and tutors: Summer 2017

My name is Carmen Munoz, I am a tutor with LAPL’s Adult Literacy Program.

I’ve been with my student Maria Murillo since February 12, 2016. Maria approached me at a Senior Center in East Los Angeles. She told me about her desire to read English before she died. With much surprise I found that Maria at 87 years old did not know how to read or write; and was never able to attend school. She lived in Mexico with her mother. She helped care for her younger siblings and was never given opportunity to attend school.

Maria is currently reading Laubach Volume 3. Maria struggled with reading but she never gave up. In the following weeks I recognized Maria was not only able to read the words but also understand and explain what she had just read. Maria told me “the books talk to me!” Puzzled by her comment, I realized that was her way of telling me she could read.

Maria’s goal is to be able to read and write with no difficulty. She also stated she would like to attend college in the near future. I believe this goal was brought by the Helen Keller story, she identified her handicap and Helen’s at about the same capacity in her eyes.

Just like Maria anyone can achieve their goals. Age or disability does not determine how far you learn, grow, and achieve any dreams or goals in one’s life.  READ MORE @

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