Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Carlsbad Library :: Adult Literacy Highlights Powerful Pairs !

Adult Literacy Highlights Powerful Pairs!
Learning Connection: Jan/Feb 2018

Every week, twice a week for an hour and a half each session, adult literacy pairs meet at the Carlsbad Library Learning Center. Volunteer tutor and learner pairs work to improve reading and writing skills, gain general knowledge and apply these skills in everyday life. Here are some pairs who shared tutor tips, how to stay motivated, and what makes them a successful pair. Thank you to the 65+ active and hard-working pairs who are dedicated and engaged in learning throughout the year!

❝ My best tutor tip is to listen to my learner and then create a challenging lesson that addresses his desires. Supply enough praise and encouragement to instill the rewards of knowledge and hard work.  ~ Tutor Mark E.

❝ I stay motivated because Mark is a great teacher, has so much to offer, and I really want to better myself. We are a good pair because he keeps me on track, I want to learn, and he’s willing to teach me.  ~ Learner Michael M.

❝ I strongly feel that any person willing to work on becoming literate in English deserves respect and assistance. I feel it is important to enjoy the partner that you work with, and I certainly do feel lucky to get to work with Echo.  ~ Tutor Joan B.

❝ The first reason which I love to come is it’s really helpful for me. I learned lots of things from here. Second, this program is one to one, so I feel comfortable with this. Third, I still want to improve my English (it’s not easy for me). Last, not the least, I have a great time with my teacher every class.  ~ Learner Echo Z.

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