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Carlsbad Library :: How We Learn - Literacy Program

How We Learn
Learning Connection: March/April 2018

At a recent tutor orientation, I told a story of a 71-year-old learner who enrolled in Carlsbad City Library’s Literacy program. One of the attendees asked, "Can she really learn at that age?"

The answer is a resounding "Yes!" In fact, the learner went on to earn her high school diploma.

Research shows that the brain is elastic—meaning that it can adapt, change and reorganize, regardless of age. However, if you’ve tried to learn something new, such as a language, hobby, sport or simply how to use a smartphone, it can be frustrating. We want to learn, and we want to learn now.

In this issue of the Learning Connection, you'll discover how adults learn, tips for working with individual strengths when learning something new, and tutoring ideas from our diligent pairs.

As a tutor, I feel that I can best communicate the meaning of words using Kinesthetic Intelligence. I find it easier sometimes to express word meaning through expression and gestures. ~ Tutor Lora B.

I feel I learn best when I use my interpersonal/social intelligence. I have been able to grasp the English language more easily through conversation. Through discussion with my tutor, it helps me use words in proper context and to memorize words more easily. ~ Learner Ying H.

Souad’s big goal is to pass the U.S. Citizenship test. We use word lists to help her prepare for the reading/writing portion of the test. Souad can read all the highlighted words and is making progress every week. ~ Tutor Sylvia W.

The Phono-Graphix program has been very useful to help Brenda learn sounds and new words. Every one of our sessions also includes a spelling test. I also ask Brenda to use each new vocabulary word in a sentence to make sure she understands the definition.
Both of these practices have proved valuable in her learning. ~ Tutor Mary Lou S.

I have learned to better communicate with others. I feel more comfortable getting into conversations with other people. I’m very blessed to have Mary Lou as a tutor. She helps a lot to improve my English skills,and I’m moving forward because of that. ~ Learner Brenda M

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