Thursday, May 24, 2018

Azusa Library :: Cathay Reta Hands Torch to Arlene Calderon

Cathay Reta Hands Torch to Arlene Calderon
Literacy Updates: Sep/Oct 2017

As the Azusa City Library staff transitions into fall, The Literacy Program is preparing for a shift from one Literacy Coordinator to another. The Literacy program is saying goodbye and thank you to its long time coordinator Cathay Reta.

Cathay began working as the Adult Literacy Coordinator for the Azusa City Library in 2011. Her grassroots ESL program went hand and hand with the Azusa community, in which a large majority of it’s residents claim they have difficulty with English in their everyday household. The program was formed in the fall of 2013 with seven community partner sites around the city willing to collaborate.

In 2014, Cathay expanded the library’s services by introducing a citizenship program that specializes in tutoring and access to information for those desiring to become U.S. citizens. Through collaborations and events with local businesses, the residents of the community have benefitted greatly from the positive impact of these newly provided services.

Despite all the progress the programs have made over the past couple of years, Cathay Reta decided it was, “time for a new chapter in her life.” She recently moved on from her position as Literacy Coordinator and is now involved with consulting work for literacy programs across the nation. Cathay Reta leaves a strong legacy behind as well as many goals accomplished.

Reta will be handing her head of literacy program duties over to Arlene Calderon.  READ MORE >>

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