Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Newport Beach Library :: Learner’s Corner: Irvine Museum Highlights

Learner’s Corner: Irvine Museum Highlights
Literally Speaking: May/June 2018

Thank you so much for providing us all amazing events and programs such as the Irvine museum field trip. Carolyn, our tour guide, gave us a great tour and tried to simplify general information about different art eras and addressed their distinctive characteristics of each style in the exhibition’s paintings.

It’s always hard to pick one out of several interesting ones. The first painting that caught my eyes turned out to be my favorite. Although it wasn’t a big frame, the interesting oil on canvas painting by William Clapp called Country Road made me frozen for a moment.

It was like watching a garden in spring full of blossom through a rainy window glass. I saw myself sitting in a warm chair and the spring rain had made the scene blurry. The blended colors of the garden’s creatures by using the pointillism technique was so powerful that I could even hear the rain pitter-pattered on the window glass.

I found the museum’s flyers and postcards with the same artwork as a representative of this collection by the entrance door when we were leaving the museum, as if the postcard designers heard the rain melody the way I did and that’s why they chose it too.  READ MORE >>

June 27 Adult Learner Orientation 6 pm
July 18 & 25 Adult Literacy Tutor Training 5:30 pm

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