Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Azusa Library :: Mike Wang An American Citizen

Mike Wang An American Citizen
Literacy Update: June/July 2018

Mike Wang is a prominent business man in China. He has two successful companies in Beijing. Mike was able to provide a good life for his family in China but he always went back to one memory. As a young man Mike came to this country for a training and was impressed by American democracy and prosperity. He was impressed by the idea that you could be anything you wanted in America. There are no limitations to an idea. At that moment he knew that one day he would become an American citizen. Mike has been here for 6 years as a permanent resident.

One day Mike came into our library and saw our Citizenship corner and asked about the classes that we offered. He began attending them back in January. Mike is now attending NorthWest College in West Covina. He is studying for his Associate’s Degree in Healthcare Administration.

This is such a change of direction to what his background is in. I mentioned this to Mike, he said when he came to America he purchased healthcare for his family and he was so confused. He looked at the problem through his business efficient eyes. Mike feels there could be an easier way for people to understand and sign up for the best healthcare for their family.  READ MORE >>

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