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Redlands Library :: Read Adult Learners’ Stories In Upcoming Redlands Adult Literacy Program Anthology

Tutor Orientation
September 11
6:00 pm
Read Adult Learners’ Stories In Upcoming Redlands Adult Literacy Program Anthology
Redlands Daily Facts: 7.28.2018 by Diane Shimota, Adult Literacy Coor-A.K. Smiley Library

Adult learners seek help in their writing in order to fill out job applications, communicate with family members, help their children with homework or advance their own education. Because of the importance of writing, the Redlands Adult Literacy Program identified 2018 as the Year of the Writer.

At a recent writing workshop, adult learners in the Adult Literacy Program wrote letters of appreciation to the Redlands City Council and A.K. Smiley Public Library trustees about the impact of adult literacy in their lives. Following is an excerpt from one of the many letters.

Sonia Gutierrez wrote, “I originally came to the program to learn how to write better. The Adult Literacy Program is very important to me because it helps me learn English, improves my writing, and speech. I’ve learned a lot of new words. It also helps me with my job and I’ve been helping my family with their doctor’s appointments.”

Learner Mina Ryan finds herself texting with family members rather than calling them on the phone. She said, “Everybody communicates by writing now, so I need to be able to write better. It is never too late to learn, and now I feel more confident when I read or write. Thank you so much for this program.”

As part of the Year of the Writer initiative, tutors have learned strategies to ease writing anxieties, such as the use of dialogue journals in which tutors and learners write short messages to one another. They practiced steps in the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to editing final drafts, and they gained tips for helping learners generate topic ideas through picture books and story starters.  READ MORE >>

Tutor Orientation :: September 11 :: 6:00 pm

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