Friday, February 22, 2008

2008 SCLLN Conference: Feb 23 - Wikis

Wacky for Wikis
Southern California Library Literacy Network
Annual Conference, Feb 23, 2008

2 sessions on blogs and wikis for adult learners and tutors. An overview of history, statistics, how easy it is to do a blog or wiki, and the many reasons to blog. This was posted during the session and then edited the following week.

Looked at the SCLLN website and blog. Also looked at Burbank Public Library's blogs and wiki. Looked at a few blogging platforms: Blogger, WordPress and TypePad among others. How to do a blog search on Google and Technorati.

Watched a video about blogging @ CommonCraft which also has a terrific tutorial about wikis.

Hope some of the adult learners and tutors are interested in creating a blog or a wiki for SCLLN or a personal blog of their own.

Included this link if you are interested in the reading levels of a particular blog or wiki.

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