Thursday, October 30, 2014

Southern California & State Literacy & Library Events :: November 2014

Southern California & State Literacy & Library Events 
November 2014

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
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Southern California Library Literacy Network
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National Picture Book Month
Nov. 1  Latino Book & Family Festival, East LA College 10a
Nov. 3+   Orton-Gillingham Comprehensive Training (30-Hour), San Francisco
Nov. 7+   Charlotte's Web: South Coast Repertory
Nov. 7     Transitional Kindergarten Conference, Sacramento
Nov. 7     EveryLibrary California Pre-Party: CLA Conv, Oakland Library 8p
Nov. 9     Financial Literacy Education: USC Galen Center – Pres Bill Clinton 10a
Nov. 15   International Gaming Day @ Your Library
Nov. 15   Storybook Ball: La Jolla 5:30p
Nov. 21+ Ingenious! The World of Dr. Seuss: San Diego History Center
Nov. 22   Tellabration - Saturday before Thanksgiving
Nov. 28   Day of Listening -
Nov. 29   Sensory Friendly Film - HOME 3-D 10a

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trivia FUNraiser :: Monrovia Library :: Nov 2

Team UP! Dream Up! For Literacy
Have Some Fun at the Literacy Fundraiser!
Looking for great way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Sunday, November 2, 2014
1:00 – 3:30 pm
Monrovia Public Library

Then check out the fundraising event being help by Literacy Department at MPL.

Join us for a fun afternoon of team trivia, silent auction, live auction, and good food to help raise money for this worthwhile cause.
Form your own team of 8 to 10 people or join a team to play Team Trivia.  The winning team gets a great team prize.  Fee: $40

Why is literacy SO important?

English author Rumer Godden said that, “When you learn to read, you will be born again … and you will never be quite so alone again.”  Unfortunately, 32 million American adults know the isolation caused by illiteracy.  Nearly 15% of
U.S. adults cannot read, translating to more than 1 in 10.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SCLLN Library :: Literacy Tutor Workshop Calendar: November 2014

SCLLN Literacy Tutor Workshop Calendar: November 2014

For Local, California and National
Literacy or Library Conferences and Events
Southern California Library Literacy Network

Hutchins; Greenfeld; Epstein
Eye On Education, ©2008
Nov. 1  Family Literacy Day = READ/OC Library
Nov. 1  Tutor Learner Workshop = Oxnard Library 9:30a
Nov. 1  Literacy Tutor Training = San Bernardino Co Library Fontana 10a
Nov. 1  Literacy Tutor Training = San Bernardino Co Library Rialto 10:30a
Nov. 2  Literacy Trivia Fundraiser - Monrovia Library 1p
Nov. 3  Literacy Tutor Training - READ/San Diego 10a
Nov. 3  Literacy Tutor Orientation - Ventura Co Library 5p
Nov. 5  Literacy Tutor Training - Santa Barbara Library 10a
Nov. 6  Literacy Tutor Training - San Diego Co Library El Cajon 12N
Nov. 6  Trivia Challenge - Ventura Co Library 6p
Nov. 6  Literacy Tutor Orientation - South Bay Literacy, Torrance Library 7p
Nov. 8  Literacy Tutor Training = San Bernardino Co Library Yucaipa 9a
Nov. 8  Literacy Tutor Training = San Bernardino Co Library Chino Hills 9a
Nov. 8  Literacy Tutor Orientation - Placentia Library 1p
Nov. 12  Literacy Tutor Training - San Bernardino County Library Barstow 11a
Nov. 12  Literacy Learner Orientation = READ/San Diego Linda 5:45p
Nov. 13  Literacy Tutor Training - San Bernardino Co Library Adelanto 4p
Nov. 17  Literacy Learner Orientation = READ/San Diego Linda Vista 9:45a
Nov. 18  Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library Hesperia 3p
Nov. 18  Literacy Tutor Training - San Bernardino Co Library Big Bear Branch 4p
Nov. 20  Literacy Tutor Training = Burbank Library 6p
Nov. 22 ESL Tutor Training = San Diego County Library Poway 9:3a

Info about local Tutor Training Workshops is always Scrolling in the Right Frame.
LAPL Adult Literacy volunteers receive 7 hours of Online instruction

Monday, October 27, 2014

Literacy Jobs - California: Downey :: Carlsbad :: Escondido :: Tulare

Literacy Jobs - California

Assists with the planning and organizing of literacy events, including author visits, support meetings, recognition events, book discussions and family nights.

performs learner assessments, tutor training and reporting for the adult and teen literacy program in addition to proving traditional library services.

Oversee the Early Learning for Families (ELF) and Early Literacy Training program for READ TO SUCCEED

technical services, collection development, the provision of reference assistance, library services and instruction to all age groups as well as program planning and implementation; may supervise paraprofessional staff and volunteers.


November 10, 2014
teaching a structured, after school, literacy intervention program that seeks to enable at risk Kindergarten through 2nd grade students to achieve at grade level or above. Group Leaders work in public schools throughout the East Bay Area

REACH Pico Rivera, CA
enhance children’s overall academic performance, reduce absenteeism, improve behavior and re-engage the child in the educational process by providing homework assistance, mentoring, performing arts and recreational activities in a safe, supervised environment. The Classroom Leaders are responsible for providing engaging and positive daily learning experiences to approximately 20 students

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Babbling Day – October 21

Small Talk: how to develop
your child's language skills
from birth to age four
Nicola Lathey & Tracey Blake
The Experiment, [2014] ©2013
Babbling Day – October 21

Babbling back to babies helps them to speak faster: Researchers prove that attentive mothers aid child development
Mothers who interact with their babies speed up their language skills
Parents who do not respond to their child's gurgling inhibit development
US researchers studied 12 mothers and their babies over a six month period
Daily Mail: 8.28.2014 by Jenny Hope

It may just sound like baby talk, but mothers who hold a ‘conversation’ with their infants are actually teaching them to speak more quickly.

Researchers found new mothers who respond enthusiastically to their baby’s babbling are helping to speed up the child’s language development

They say parental feedback is a vital process that enables mothers and babies to become mutually engaged in ‘talking’.

It enhances the ability of children to communicate – unlike cases where mums did not respond attentively.

A new study, by US academics at the University of Iowa (UI) and Indiana University, serves as evidence that speaking to infants at a very early age is vital for their development.

The authors say parents who babble back at their newborns – even if they don’t understand what they’re trying to say – are a key part of the process. READ MORE !

Monday, October 20, 2014

National Day of Writing – October 20

National Day of Writing – October 20

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: The Importance of Writing

It's something you do everyday, yet you probably take it for granted. In fact, your day depends on it. Writing and reading are some of the most fundamental skills in our lives and it is especially crucial to students and those in the workforce. Studies have shown that workers spend an average of 2.6 hours per day reading and responding to emails.

That adds up to about 27 days per year! Reading and writing is clearly a big part of our life, yet literacy rates have been stagnant in the US for the past 10 years. Currently 32 million adults in the US cannot read, and it isn't showing any signs of improving. So today we're showing some infographics about the importance of writing, whether it be offering tips about note-taking, getting kids more engaged with books, or tackling the decline in literacy in America. Take a moment out of your day and just read.

#1: Write It Down by Course Hero
•Does note talking really help? According to a Professor at Cornell, after 20 minutes we forget 47% of what we learned. After 1 day, it increases to 62%, and after 78 days it jumps to 78%.
•Taking notes by hand combats forgetfulness by nearly 80%.
•Despite the benefits of note taking, only 65.5% of students take notes during class.  READ MORE !