Friday, May 22, 2015

READ/OC : : Two READ/OC Learners Honored For Their Writing!

Book & Author Celebration:
Two READ/OC Learners Honored For Their Writing!
READ Writes: April 2015

California State Librarian, Greg Lucas, congratulates READ/OC Learners Karen and Maria for their winning entries in the annual “Writer-to-Writer competition hosted by the Southern California Library Literacy Network.  Maria and Karen chose books to read with their tutors, Mikelle Fish and Susan Gregory.

Then, with their tutors’ encouragements, each wrote a letter to the author of the book they read.  Then their letters were submitted to the “Writer-to-Writer” competition and were selected by the judging panel to be recognized, along with other learners from Southern California Library Literacy programs.

READ/OC also congratulates all of the READ/OC learners and tutors who participated in this year’s annual “Writer-To-Writer” opportunity. Much appreciation also goes to Friends of READ/OC for their continued support of such encouraging, learning adventures, as “Writer-To-Writer,” to be possible for READ/OC learners and their tutors.

Read Karen's Letter


Read Maria's Letter

Diary of a
Young Girl

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LAPL : : It's A Match - Helen’s Story & Edward’s Story

It’s a Match Part I
Helen’s Story & Edward’s Story
READ: Spring 2015

Helen’s Story by Tutor Helen Williams

Good attitude, persistence and dedication made me become a tutor.  I learned when I was five years old to take responsibility for my own success in reading; being an African American living in South Central Los Angeles, it would be a challenge. A tutor should be able to answer most of your questions without taking too much time to come up with an answer, but sometimes it is necessary to consult a textbook for the correct answer.  A tutor should be able to provide an alternate explanation in your reading, if the first explanation is unclear. I hope that with the knowledge I have, I will be able to help a person with their literacy problems and make a positive difference in their life.

Edward’s Story by Learner Edward Smith

I came to the Adult Literacy Program to improve my basic reading and writing skills.  Before I came to the Adult Literacy Program, emotionally I felt like I was in an enclosed box! June Brandon introduced me to my tutor, Helen Williams.  The first assignment I learned was vocabulary and how to use the dictionary.  Ms. Helen said “This learning process will not happen overnight”.  I learned phonics, spelling and how to “sound out” a word when I was reading, being able to identify a sound and then blend these sounds together to form the word. My personal goals are to vote, learn to use the computer and to get a job. Today I’m not in an emotional box, I’m out of the box.  I have more confidence in myself.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Redlands Library : : Literacy Fundraiser - May 21 ' RUMORS'

Fundraiser : : May 21 @ 8 pm
Wine & Appetizers @ 7 pm
Neil Simon’s  : : :  Rumors

Tickets for the evening are $25 per person.

A.K. Smiley Public Library
125 W. Vine St.
Redlands, CA

Governor Releases “May Revision” of Budget : : $2M for Literacy | $1.7M for Broadband

Governor Releases “May Revision” of Budget:
Funding Provided for Broadband Project & Literacy Program
CLA News From the Capitol: 5.14.2015 by Mike Dillon, Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists

This morning in a press conference at the State Capitol, Governor Brown released his “May Revision” of the 2015-16 State Budget.  Included among the Governor’s proposals for new spending is a recommended increase of $2 million for the state literacy program and an increase of $1.7 million for the library broadband project for connection grants and related costs.

Recognizing the Governor’s fiscal prudence and the limited available General Funds, CLA is pleased that the Governor has provided additional funding for two important public library programs.  Below is the proposal for new library spending under the Governor’s May Revision of the Budget:

· Literacy Program – An increase of $2 million General Fund for the Literacy and English Acquisition Services Program.  As described in the Governor’s Budget proposal for adult education, the Administration’s focus remains on increasing the resources available to improve the skills of California’s workforce, and it is expected that literacy programs funded with these resources will be coordinated with the adult education consortia.

· Broadband Project – An increase of $1.7 million General Fund for the California Public Library Broadband Project, including $1.5 million on a one-time basis for grants to public libraries to upgrade broadband equipment and $225,000 General Fund for continued administration of contracts for broadband services.

· Library Preservation Activities – An increase of $521,000 General Fund to improve the [State] library’s efforts to preserve historical items in its possession, including $181,000 ongoing for two additional positions and $340,000 on a one-time basis for equipment.”

The Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees on Education Finance will convene early next week to begin reviewing the Governor’s May Revision of the State Budget, and specifically, the State Library and public library funding.  The subcommittees will be working diligently during the next couple of weeks to close out their actions for the year and make recommendations to the full Budget Committee of their respective houses.  READ MORE !

Friday, May 15, 2015

Literacy Jobs : : California :: San Mateo Library | Raising A Reader | Room to Read

Literacy Jobs – California
Raising A Reader  - San Francisco and Alameda Counties

support all volunteer recruitment, retention, training, and celebration efforts for the region

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Legislators Issue Letter in Support of Increasing State Library Funding : : CLA

Adult Literacy
by Alyssa Winans
Legislators Issue Letter in Support of Increasing State Library Funding
CLA News From the Capitol: 5.07.2015 by Mike Dillon, Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists

A bi-partisan group of Assembly members and Senators in the California State Legislature have sent a letter to the two Budget Subcommittee Chairs and key Budget leaders, to encourage them to adopt an increase in funding for public libraries in the 2015-16 Budget.  The letter features an impressive list of legislator library supporters and is attached for your information.

This year’s Budget, proposed by Governor Brown in January, did not carry forward the $3 million mentioned above or the $1 million for “connection grants”, as we have previously reported.  CLA has launched an effort again, in conjunction with Assemblyman Gatto and his colleagues, to encourage the legislature to include $11.5 million in the Budget for public library funding for “connection grants” to the CENIC backbone, funding for the CLSA, and funding for the state literacy program.

The Governor is expected to release his “May Revision” of the Budget on May 14th and it will reflect the most current revenue projections, based on tax receipts from January through April 30 and other key factors.  After reviewing this new information, the budget subcommittees will then begin closing out their work prior to the Memorial Day weekend and will forward their recommendations to the full Budget Committees.  If CLA is not able to get the budget subcommittees to recommend that new funding be added to the State Budget for public libraries, it will be very difficult to get money into the Budget in the weeks that follow.  READ MORE !

Friday, May 8, 2015

Carlsbad Library : : ALLI Literacy Leaders

Adult Learner Leadership Institute
Learning Connection: May/June 2015

Congratulations to learners Fidela R. and Robertina G. who graduated from the Adult Learner Leadership Institute held March 20-22. The Institute is a three-day workshop presented by adult learners to teach leadership, advocacy, self-esteem and public speaking skills. The California State Library generously funds this annual workshop, which is hosted by different libraries in Southern California.

This year’s Institute was held at the beautiful new San Diego Central Public Library in downtown San Diego. The learners received a certificate at a graduation on Sunday.