Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar :: July 2017

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar
July 2017

For Local, California and National
Literacy or Library Conferences and Events
Southern California Library Literacy Network

Jul 01 Adult Literacy Tutor Appreciation Day Glendale Library 10a
Jul 05 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library Fontana 5p
Jul 06 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Carlsbad Library 6p
Jul 08 Adult Literacy Tutor Training READ/San Diego Library 10a
Jul 11 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Carlsbad Library 12N
Jul 13 Youth Literacy Tutor Orientation Words Alive San Diego CA 1p
Jul 15 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Bernardino Co Library Yucca Valley 9a
Jul 15 Adult Literacy Tutor Training Santa Barbara Library 1p
Jul 18 Adult Literacy Learner Orientation READ/OC 1p
Jul 18 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation READ/OC 6p
Jul 19 Adult Literacy Tutor Training San Diego Co Library El Cajon 12:30p
Jul 19 Adult Literacy Learner Orientation Newport Beach Library 6p
Jul 26 Adult Literacy Tutor Orientation Newport Beach Library 6p

Beverly Hills Library Adult Literacy: last Friday month 10:30 - 12 N
LAPL Adult Literacy volunteers receive 7 hours of Online Instruction
Local Tutor Workshops :: Always Scrolling in the Right Frame

Monday, June 19, 2017

Carlsbad Library :: Literacy Book Club

Literacy Book Club Carlsbad Literacy Services
Learning Connection: May/June 2017

Our July book selection, Hidden Figures, includes the audio book!
Is your learner interested in participating in the Book Club? Our small and friendly group of participants are learners from our literacy program. We meet here every other month, so there are usually eight weeks to read the book selection before meeting to share thoughts and discussion.

Book Club selections are chosen with the adult literacy learner in mind and are sometimes Young Reader or Young Adult adaptations. Each learner receives their own free book and CD (if an audio version is available for that book) to keep. We hope you’ll join us! Sign up with the literacy staff.

Tips on How to Use Fiction with an Adult Learner
We have lots of new fiction in our collection. Here are some tips for using fiction in your lessons:

1.  Factors to consider when selecting reading material for your learner.
 Comprehensible to learner’s abilities and interests
 Reflect learner’s language needs and skills
 Address issues/topics relevant to learner’s lives
 Provoke learner’s thinking and discussion

2.  Topics to cover with learner before you begin to read with the selected material.  
 How to handle unknown words
 How to respond and provide feedback to discussion questions
 How to select topics for discussion
 Introduce terms: characters, plot, genre, structure, motif, themes, etc.
 If time allows, read the book first before you begin to read it with your learner
 Prepare topics/questions for discussion.
 Write down vocabulary and/or phrases to review with your learner

3. Tips to give your learner on how to read a book for discussion.
 Read carefully
 Imagine yourself in the story
 Make notes while you go – sticky notes are great for this!
 Think about what the author is trying to tell you, the reader
 Get to know the characters – think about their qualities, faults, and motives.
      Would you want to interact with them? Can you relate to them?
 How does this book relate to your own life?

4.  Different methods to use while reading the book with your learner.
 Learner listens to the book on audio
 Tutor reads book aloud to learner
 Tutor and learner alternate reading aloud
 Learner reads aloud

Saturday, June 17, 2017

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Los Angeles Public Library :: Writer to Writer 2017

Writer to Writer 2017 Los Angeles Public Library Adult Literacy
READ - A newsletter written by students and tutors: Spring 2017

Wonderfully inspiring letters were submitted by nineteen learners from the Los Angeles Public Library Adult Literacy Program who participated in the Southern California Writer to Writer Challenge.

The “easy” part was to read or listen to a novel, work of non-fiction, or magazine article. Writing can be intimidating for anyone but these writers met the challenge and responded to an author’s words – thereby becoming authors themselves.

You are sure to enjoy these letters from three authors who were honored in their category.

Runner-Up Emerging Writer
Albert Short

Runner-Up Intermediate Writer
Frank Marfetan
Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom

Runner-Up Advanced Writer
Hee Min Yim
Ariadne’s Story, Joyce Hannam

Monday, June 12, 2017

Ventura Co Library :: Carol Chapman Honored by International Literacy Association

Celebrate Literacy Award – International Literacy Association

Carol Chapman, READ Ventura, honored by the International Literacy Association.

The Celebrate Literacy Award recognizes organizations, institutions, and individuals that have made significant literacy contributions at the local, state, or provincial level. The hope is that the celebration will familiarize the public with literacy activities in the community and call attention to the work that is being done by the schools and the International Literacy Association to promote literacy worldwide.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

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