Thursday, February 4, 2010

Save Our Libraries - Advocate ! ! !

Jeff Ackerman: Rescuing the written word
The Union: February 2, 2010

There should never have been a doubt. Time and time again ... just when I think you've been tapped out ... you deliver.

Knowing that, I was still blown away Thursday when the mailman dropped off a very large stack of envelopes filled with donations to our Save Our Libraries campaign we launched just 24 hours earlier.

Based on the letters and phone calls and comments we've gotten as the county continues to consider contracting our library operations to a private company, we got a pretty good sense that most of you were very passionately opposed to that notion.

As we've discussed, our libraries are facing some serious financial trouble and the county has been working feverishly to produce ways to keep the five branches open.
. . . . .
Why special treatment for the libraries? Why should The Union choose to help rescue the libraries when all around there are needs just as significant as keeping our libraries open?

Literacy. We have a vested interest in reading. We have a vested interest in the printed word.

Ours is an emotional connection. It's a natural one. The Doris Foley Library, for example, houses copies of The Union dating back to 1864 ... more than 145 years' worth.
. . . . .
Our plan is to sustain this library effort. By the end of the week we'll provide an update of the total, complete with a personal thanks to all of you who made donations. I can't tell you how much they meant to me and to our libraries.

And for those who still wish to participate, but missed last week's envelope, donations may be sent to: Save Our Libraries, c/o The Union at 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945. READ MORE !

. . . from literacyspace blog:


ALA reports that Congressional offices hear from teachers, police and firefighters every day and almost nothing from the library community.

Libraries are as essential as schools and public safety.
Libraries help the economy by helping people find jobs.
Library jobs are being cut now.
Libraries are not included in the Jobs for Main Street Act.

Library Advocates and Librarians must be as vocal as other public employees. The reason they are getting funding in this piece of legislation is because they call their congressional offices more often and in higher numbers than the library community.


Anonymous said...

Monterey Park
Changes to Library Hours and Days
Dear LAMP Volunteers, Instructors and Tutors,
Today is a day of bad news for our library community. It saddens me to inform you that due to budget cuts our library will be closed on Fridays and Saturdays effective March 1, 2010. Our library will also suffer layoffs as well and those remaining will make every effort to maintain the highest quality of organizational efficiency possible in delivery of service to our patrons.

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