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CA & National Literacy Calendar: April 2010

California Literacy Calendar: April 2010

SCLLN Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
-local, California and National Conferences-
Southern California Library Literacy Network
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Updates of Tutor Training Workshops Scrolling in Left Frame

Local and California Literacy Events
Apr 10 9am: Sensory Friendly Films: How Train Your Dragon
AMC Covina Ontario Mills Orange SD Torrance Woodland Hills
Apr 10: Literary Orange – Festival of Authors = UC Irvine
Apr 10 10am: Learning Disabilities Adult Support = Providence Tarzana Medical
Apr 16: Day in the District w/ CA State Legislators = Sacto
Apr 19+ Remediation for Dyslexia = OnLine CYBERSPACE
Apr 22: Read For Life - Kern Literacy = Bakersfield Bell Tower
Apr 22-25: CATESOL State Conference = Santa Clara
Apr 24: Law & Rights: Navigating Public Education = California Lutheran
Apr 26 7:30: Learning Disabilities Parent Support Group = Sherman Oaks
Apr 29+ Days Village of Tales Storytelling Festival = Ojai

National Literacy Events
National Poetry Month
Apr 2: International Children's Book DayApr 8+ Global Language Convention = Melbourne AU
Apr 10 10am: Sensory Friendly Films

How to Train Your Dragon AMC theaters around the country
Apr 11+ National Library Week
Apr 11+ National Conference on Family Literacy = San Antonio TX
Apr 12: Drop Everything & Read Day
Apr 12: Young People's Poetry Week
Apr 12+ Computers in Libraries = Arlington VA
Apr 21+ Mountain Plains Adult Ed Conf = Tempe AZ
Apr 23+ Latino Children's Literature Conference = University of Alabama
Apr 25+ IRA Annual Conference = Chicago, Illinois
Apr 28+ Solutions for Assistive Technology Conference = Baton Rouge LA
Apr 29: ClearMark Awards-Plain Language = Washington DC
Apr 29+ American Occupational Therapy Assoc = Orlando FL

of Reading and Writing to Adult Learners in
Southern California Library Literacy Network
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Escondido Library - AmeriCorps and SCLLN Conferences

AmeriCorps and SCLLN Conferences
Escondido Literacy Newsletter: Mar/Apr 2010 by John Guigayoma

Two transfer flights, four continental breakfasts, and one drive through a rainy highway later, I have finally returned from two literacy conferences across the country, and the Annex feels even more like home. I journeyed out of sunny Escondido to present a two training workshops, meet other tutors and learners, and learn a few strategies to take back and share.

I hopped on a plane for the three day Literacy*AmeriCorps Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I met other AmeriCorps members visiting everywhere from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. After braving 30-degree weather and a couple inches of snow, I presented a workshop on goal-setting for learners, using our program’s orientation session as a model. I received great feedback from other AmeriCorps members who were eager to apply our methods to their programs.

Just a day after returning from Pittsburgh, I drove up to L.A. for the Southern California Library Literacy Network’s annual conference in Buena Park. Attendees included tutors, staff and learners from across the state, and the energy among everyone committed to literacy was exciting. Literacy coordinator Myrna Montano and I presented another workshop on goal setting, and it was great to be able to apply our strategies to help direct the goals of the learners in the room.

After a week of traveling, I’m glad I’m back at the Annex, and I’m ready to jump back into classes. I attended a few great workshops, including one on transitioning G.E.D. students to college and one on teaching learners to decode new words using a few quick tips. If you’d like to hear more about what I learned or even about the weather on the other side of the country, stop by the Annex sometime so we can chat!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Newport Beach Library - Reading can include three letters – U.S.A.

Reading can include three letters – U.S.A.
OC Register: March 12, 2010 by Teryl Zarnow

Claude Bonham is learning to read.

He moves his fingers across the words, stumbles at times, and jumps from the first letter of a word to guess at its end.

"To visit peoples?"

No, in the book it was "visiting places to eat."

Claude works intently with his tutor, Cherall Weiss, for almost two hours. "What happened on this page?" Cherall asks, working on comprehension. They review vocabulary flash cards and Claude writes them on the back.

Claude is 55 years old.

Claude knows what it means when you can't read.

He defines it by things he could not do – he couldn't pass the written driving test, or a written certification test at work, or fill out a medical form. He couldn't read a menu or balance his checkbook. He says he's tired of relying upon other people.

"People take advantage of you. I signed some things I wish I hadn't... I've got to depend on myself."

So he's been coming to the adult literacy program at the Newport Beach Library for over two years.

Without reading, the world has high walls that keep you out. Words become a code you cannot crack. Illiteracy means life is a stream that flows all around you – you're like the boulder stuck in place.

Literacy programs help people get somewhere.
= = = = = = =
Other stories are different, but the emotions are similar.

Afsaneh Taheri Pak came from Iran to join her husband. A university graduate, she studied English – which she learned with an Iranian accent. She chooses her words like produce.

Judy, who didn't want her last name used, grew up in southern California and believes her education
wasn't adequate. She attended 13 different schools before high school graduation.
= = = = = = =
At a time when cash-poor school districts are slashing adult education, library literacy programs can't keep up with demand.

The Southern California Library Literacy Network estimates about 20 percent of the Orange County population age 16 and older cannot sign a form or handle a bank deposit slip. Libraries in the network provide free adult literacy services.
= = = = = = =
Four years ago Elaine Satin began to tutor a Peruvian woman who won a visa and came to the U.S. alone at age 29. Elaine helped her apply for citizenship and pass the test.

Tutor Bruce McKeag says reading helps people become part of the American experience. It enables them to participate.

Shari Elias, who has been tutoring for two years, will never forget the woman who cried when she voted this past November.

Reading makes that possible.

To volunteer as a tutor: contact literacy@newportbeach or call 949-717-3874. Tutors are also needed by Read/Orange County at 714-566-3070. READ MORE !

Monday, March 8, 2010

Share a Story – Shape a Future 2010

Share a Story – Shape a Future 2010
March 8 - 12
It Takes a Village

Share a Story - Shape a Future is a blog event for literacy. Throughout the week, blogging librarians, teachers, parents, authors, illustrators and people passionate about literacy will offer ideas on ways to promote reading and books. You won't find statistics, academic analysis, or judgments that tell you why you should read. Instead, we are using the power of the Worldwide web to share ideas about ways to engage kids as readers.

Day1 - The Many Faces of Reading
Host: Terry Doherty @
Topics of the day will encompass the relationship aspect of helping children learn to read: parent-child and teacher-parent partnerships, literacy outreach; and libraries, to name a few.

Day2 - Literacy My Way/Literacy Your Way
Host: Susan Stephenson @ Book Chook
Creative literacy in all its forms (writing, art, computers) will be the topic of the day.

Day3 - Just the Facts: The Nonfiction Book Hook
Host: Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone
This is the day for exploring the different genres of nonfiction (biography and memoir, science, nature, math, etc), as well as the use (or not) of historical fiction.

Day4 - Reading Through the Ages: Old Faves & New Classics
Host: Donalyn Miller @ Book Whisperer
Topics include "boy books" and "girl books," as well as newer titles that fit with some classics we loved as kids.

Day5 - Reading for the Next Generation
Host: Jen @ Jen Robinson's Book Page
Join us as we talk about how to approach reading when your interests and your child's don't match. It may be that you don't like to read but your child does, how to raise the reader you're not, and dealing with the "pressure" of feeling forced to read.

Reading is Fundamental is donating two full sets of its Multicultural book collection for our It Takes a Village giveaways! There are 50 books in each set.
The Giveaway is tied to the Writing on Reading initiative, and here is how it will work.
1. Select one of the Writing on Reading questions.
2. Put together your thoughts and post them on your blog.
3. Come back to the daily Writing on Reading post and add your link to Inlinkz box AND add a comment with the name of the school or public library you would like to see receive the books.

Each day, RIF staff will be reading your posts and will select their favorite posts. See Complete Rules

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California Literacy Calendar: March 2010

California Literacy Calendar: March 2010

SCLLN Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
-local, California and National Conferences-
visit the
Southern California Library Literacy Network
for more information

Updates of Tutor Training Workshops Scrolling in Left Frame

Southern California Literacy Library Events
Mar 1+ : Dyslexia: In-Depth Look = On Line
Mar 4+ : Computer-Using Educators - Palm Springs Convention Center
Mar 6: Kid’s Magic Mile – Literacy Run – San Diego
Mar 7: Union-Tribune Race for Literacy – San Diego
Mar 9 1pm:BALIT - ProLiteracy Northern California Summit San Leandro Library
Mar 10+: CABE Conference San Jose Convention Center
Mar 11+ : California Language Teacher's Association Conference San Deigo
Mar 12+ : Charlotte S Huck Children's Literature Festival University of Redlands
Mar 12+ : Mariposa Storytelling Festival Mariposa CA
Mar 13 9am: Adult Literacy Spell-A-Thon – Hi Desert
Mar 13 10am: LD Adult Support Group Providence Tarzana Medical Center
Mar 22+ : Dyslexia: Remediation = On Line Cyber Space
Mar 22+ : Technology & Persons Disabilities Conference - San Diego
Mar 23 7:30pm: LD Parent Support Group The Help Group - Sherman Oaks

California & National Literacy Events
Mar 2: Read Across America Day
Mar 17+ : ProLiteracy Conf with COABE - Chicago IL
Mar 20 10am: Sensory Friendly Films - Diary of a Wimpy Kid AMC theaters around US
Mar 23+ : Into the Wood: Antonio Frasconi's Art for Children The Eric Carle Museum Amherst MA
Mar 23+ : Public Library Association Portland OR
Mar 24+ : TESOL Annual Convention Boston MA

Give The Giftof Reading and Writing to Adult Learners in
Southern California Library Literacy Network
Programs from Santa Barbara to San Diego
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