Saturday, November 29, 2014

Huntington Beach Library :: Student Writing

OPEN DOORS: November 2014

Student Writing
"Before I took the computer classes, it was very difficult to even type my library card number into the library computers. There were many barriers, like where do I erase? How do I make capital letters? How do I move the cursor? Thanks to the computer classes, I can now send and receive emails from my son's school and he has my help to study through the internet on his tablet. I can communicate with my friends in Mexico with Facebook. I know how to send photos and I can practice typing on I study English with Duolingo. I receive information from our family clinic and can request our medications online. I have helped my husband search online for jobs and I can make Word documents, insert pictures and send them by email. I have found projects for my children's homework on Google and I use YouTube to perfect my recipes and learn how to create different hairstyles for my daughter. In reality, without the help of the library, none of this would be possible. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Martha"

Kudos ...
•Angela G. and her tutor Barry K. Angela passed the US Citizenship exam!
•Francisca B. and her tutor Liz O. Francisca was asked to read prayers aloud in English in front of her church congregation.
•Yolanda L. and her tutor Billie S. Yolanda is able to read the directions and help her daughter with homework.  READ MORE !

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