Monday, August 1, 2016

Los Angeles Public Library :: Proud to Host the Adult Literacy Leadership Institute

The Los Angeles Public Library was proud to host the Adult Literacy Leadership Institute at the Central Library
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A newsletter written by students and tutors

The Los Angeles Public Library was proud to host the Adult Literacy Leadership Institute at the Central Library on May 6 and 7, 2016.  One of our learners attended a bootcamp in Ventura, so the number of attendees this year was an incredible 13.

• By learner Ethel Harris My overall experience in the Adult Learner Leadership Institute was educational.  The presentations were given by ALLI participants who have worked to improve their literacy skills and were able to transfer what they’d learned at ALLI to us.  The topics discussed were leadership qualities that I want to develop and use everywhere I go (Setting and Achieving Goals, Self Esteem, Networking, and Advocacy).  The atmosphere in the room was comfortable and the leadership group responsible for  the workshop were polite.  I didn’t have a problem writing and getting the two minute speech assignment completed.

• By learner Magdalena Guadalupe Deleon Tran My name is Magdalena.  I came to the ALLI Bootcamp from the Lincoln Heights Branch Library ALP Program.

I had an interesting time at the Bootcamp, which was held at the Central Library on May 6 and 7, 2016.

I learned about leadership and about myself. For example, I learned that a leader is a person who leads others, has high self-esteem, and who believes that they can lead.  I learned how to control my fears of speaking, since when I become afraid to speak up my voice is weak and fragile, but as I continue to speak, I become more confident and my voice returns to normal.  I also learned many meanings of words that describe feelings, like selfish, pride, and self-esteem.  I also learned some names that described behaviors: avoider, resister, accepter, and seeker.

In my opinion, ALLI should be a mandatory program given to those on Welfare so that all the people who are not in school or who can’t read anything at all could improve their handwriting and reading and get better jobs. It doesn’t matter if a person is young or old, they can lead the poor, especially those on Skid Row in Los Angeles, to have a valuable experience.

I want to thank Ms. Kelly for the invitation to the ALLI Bootcamp.  I also want to say to my sponsor that I appreciate having the opportunity to be part of the Adult Literacy Program and Algebra Upgrade.  I’m grateful for my wonderful tutor, Kate, who is so flexible about my schedule.  Thank you all for leading me.  I will lead others, too. Thank you, Ms. Kathy.

Learning is good at any time.  It’s better to learn than to never have learned.

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