Friday, July 21, 2017

San Diego Public Library :: Red Balloon Award Finalist :: Valerie Hardie

Red Balloon Awards
August 12

The Red Balloon Awards is an inspirational dinner and awards gala that honors literacy heroes in the community while raising funds for Traveling Stories.

Valerie Hardie, Director of READ/San Diego, the San Diego Public Library’s adult literacy program.

As the director of San Diego Public Library’s adult literacy program READ, Valerie Hardie has been instrumental in improving literacy in the city for the past 22 years. The program has over 400 volunteers and tutors and received the Advancement of Literacy Award from the American Library Association as well as being named top community partnership by the U.S. Department of Education. Undoubtedly, Valerie’s commitment to READ and increasing adult literacy has created a legacy to the city of San Diego.

What is a Literacy Hero?
> A literacy hero does one or more of the following:
> Helps make reading more visible in their community.
> Creates books & other reading material that captivate readers and inspire a love for reading.
> Reduces barriers that would prevent people from becoming confident readers.
> Supports existing literacy programs in sustainable, meaningful ways.
> Promotes reading on a large scale.

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